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Founded in 1991, Sunrise Produce Company was created to meet the growing and diverse needs of Southern California foodservice and restaurant operators for premium fresh produce, specialty distribution, and dairy.  In 1992 Sunrise Fresh Cuts was established to provide a variety of pre-cut fruits, vegetables, and salad blends that offer time saving and cost-effective solutions for foodservice operators and manufacturers seeking efficiencies in food preparation.

From its inception, Sunrise Produce Company and Sunrise Fresh Cuts have focused on sourcing the freshest, premium quality produce from the most reputable growers in the industry.  We procure directly from our growers, minimizing distribution and processing time so that we are able to deliver on our promise of absolute freshness.

Sunrise is committed to operating within the highest ethical standards and management practices.  Our dedicated team, many of whom have promoted from within and been with Sunrise Produce for many years, continually search for ways to improve our service and meet the unique needs of each customer.  Our reputation for superior service and product knowledge is reflected in the daily performance of each and every Sunrise Produce team member.


Sunrise Produce is centrally located in the City of Commerce, CA, in close proximity to freeway access to expedite route departure times.  Our facility encompasses over 45,000 square feet of totally refrigerated space with five temperature zones and managed under strict HACCP guidelines.

Sunrise Fresh Cuts is our modern in-house processing plant co-located in Sunrise Produce.  Our concept is fresh, and delivering on that promise, we produce fresh cut fruits, vegetables, and salad blends on a daily basis.  Sunrise Fresh Cuts operates and follows strict HACCP guidelines with third-party audits.  Our state-of-the-art technology and in-house laboratory help to ensure safely produced quality products daily.


Sunrise Produce Company is focused on serving the unique needs of the foodservice sector.  We provide our premium quality products to national chains and independent restaurant operators, hotels, country clubs, casinos, medical centers, hospitals, retirement homes, school districts, universities, and food manufacturers.


Sunrise Produce Company operates a regularly maintained fleet of modern refrigerated trucks to maintain optimal cold chain standards.  Our advanced computerized routing system and radio dispatched drivers enable us to maintain accurate and consistent delivery schedules.  We serve Southern California, from Fresno to the Mexican border.  We also provide statewide distribution programs for corporate customers.


Go Green Program

Sunrise Produce is committed to socially responsible, eco-friendly practices.  We operate under a written sustainable growth plan, Go Green, which addresses the following sustainability areas:

  Company operations designed for energy management and efficiencies, product recycling, waste management, partnering pallet exchange, and many other eco-friendly sustainable practices and procedures.
  Growers program with clearly defined sustainable qualifications for conventional and local growers.
  Traceability program for product identification from conventional and local growers practicing safe, eco-friendly sustainable methods.
Sunrise Fresh Cuts waste management and recycling programs.
  Sunrise Fresh Cuts programs for local family farmers and organic processing.


Sunrise Produce Company partners with the following organizations that support sustainable operational and agricultural practices for conventional and local farming:

  TransFair USA & Fair Trade Organization and Certification
Food Alliance Organization and Certification
  Certified California Growers Farmers Market

Local Sourcing

Sunrise Produce Company is committed to local markets and family farmers in Southern California.  We source produce from reliable, sustainable small to mid-size growers who subscribe to sustainable practices, and support those practices through a written commitment to the qualifications established by the Sunrise Produce Sustainable Procurement Program.

Commodity Sourcing

In addition to our commitment to local sourcing, Sunrise Produce Company operates under a broader array of sustainable criteria for organic and agricultural practices that promote sustainability.  Although some of these growers/shippers are not local family farmers, they provide a valuable source of produce that satisfies all the criteria for sustainability as defined in the Sunrise Produce Company Sustainability Program.

Sunrise Fresh Cuts

Preparation time can be significantly reduced by purchasing fresh local family farmers and organic products from Sunrise Fresh Cuts . Sunrise Fresh Cuts makes valuable use of produce that may not meet standards for case counts and weights.  Our organic and local family farmer pre-cut program will ensure consistent cuts and weights for your applications.


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